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FBLA Trivia Game


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If anyone here is in the US and is in highschool or college you've probably heard of either the FBLA or PBL clubs. Every year there is a national event in which you can enter one of many categories. I entered computer game simulation, with no intentions of winning, especially after seeing 2011's winner.


Anyways, I thought maybe some of you could use this to possibly learn something. 


The game is simple:



Actual playing:



Correct Answer: (other answers fade away upon choosing any answer, turns red if incorrect, green if correct)






This is just a basic trivia/question-answer game.

Questions are stored in a tab delimited file(required by guidelines).

Using hints will remove an incorrect answer.


Fonts were not created by me, neither was the sound.


All images were made with GIMP, layers provided.




If link is down(shouldn't ever be), pm me.


I'm looking for feedback on this so if you find something incorrect or whatever, post it on this thread so I can know!

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So you just created a game? Or did you modify a client? :s


What client is there to modify? It's just rendering images to the screen in a decent manner. The only external information I received was FPS calculations. Everything else, images, code, resources, etc.. were created by me. If they weren't I wouldn't have been able to submit it for this competition tongue.png.


Maybe this year I'll create an actual game rather than just Q&A :P I'm eligible to enter the competition again but their topics are just so boring. I mean how creative can you get with a trivia game rofl?

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