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the story of the no life as told by beezmans


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im about to drop some major rs knowledge on you smile.png


back in the old days 2001-2005(maybe 2006) existed a old man a wise old man by the username the 0ld nite he was the original number one and considered the first number one runescape player then in 2006 he suffered a heart attack and died  http://rsplayers.wikia.com/wiki/The_Old_Nite then came the one we all now know as the true greatness zezima zezima reign lasted for over 5 years 2006-2011 in 2008 is when zezima gained true love by the runescape population he gave up his rank one for someone who promised to quit once he got number one (i cant remeber his name) but this is one of the reasons zezima became so inlove he stopped gaining millions of xp per a week so that his fellow comrade get gain up on him 

then in 2011 zezima reign ended and jdelacroix/elvis99/a few others began they lasted for a few weeks inbetween till jdela took over for 6 to 9 months then out of nowhere came the man the phenomem the god of gods greater then zaros s  u o  m i the finish king and still to this day the only player to max to 200m in all skills  and there is the story of runescape as told by beezmans


hope you enjoy the read 

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