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beezmans guide to free bitcoins


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Before i start id like to start off by saying this is not a get rich quick scheme you most likely wont get more then 1-5 dollars in bitcoins daily but it is more for the risk/chance of possibly getting a free 100-200 usd for minimal work 


id greatly appreciate if you used my refferal link but if not im fine with you taking off the end of the link smile.png



the first site is


this site gives you a free roll every hour you have a 1/10k chance of getting a free 200 usd in bitcoins but your guarnted .000000234 in bitcoins no matter what you roll you get paidout every monday as long as you have .000000546 this site can also be used to gamble your current bitcoins if you wish to use them



the second site


i use this site for gambling but also they give u a small amount of bitcoins every minute if you take there faucet

this site is used for gambler but every minute you can get a free .000001000 bitcoins they also allow autobetting which i use and i have cashed out once on this site for 5 dollars of bitcoins smile.png


heres where u get free bitcoin on primedice the symbol above it lets you autogamble (im .00020000 from being able to cashout :0



third way to get free bitcoins


same as first site basically you get a freeroll every hour and can get some bitcoins most you can win is 1000 satoshi though so like.000001 btc


fourth site


once you sign up you never have to worry again you just slowly get free bitcoins ltc and other micro currencies




hope you enjoy my guide


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Looks good. I've recently been wanting to start looking into mining however with these sites I feel like I can do a lot more biggrin.png

too many people mine and you need super computers but if you try i wish u luck

I got lucky and bought a few when they were $10 each a year or so ago, and then sold them for x6 for what I bought them for a year later, best investment ever.


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