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I love women more then life


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Hey do someone here love women more then life? Everyday i day-dream about women, when i sleep i dream about them. And when im awake im just trying to be around women at all times, makes me feel great. Turns me into a clown.



When i die i hope to go to Women heaven

to create a discussion what kind of women do you like most? 

Btw i live in Sweden so we have the best women here they can be pretty bitchy but they are still amazing


Thats why i use Osbot so i have more time to spend around women

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Nope I dont really care about relationships/friendships, I rather spend the time on my hobbies (fishing, gym). Most of people only want to  be a friend of someone because they get benefits from being a friend (money for example). 


i got no money, i got friends. I don't buy them shit they don't buy me shit.


Tbh, i got ''some friends'' but i have 2 good friends. If they need me with idc what ill help them out. Even if it's money idgaf.

I don't realy care about money anyway. Its a bad habbit thought.

Only thing i care about is that my girlfriend got good clothers and my kid got pampers and food.


If you think everybody is greedy then you are wrong.

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