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10B Christmas Giveaway Annoucement


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I am sponsoring a 10B Giveaway this Christmas which will be live streamed over a 6 day period. This isn't the same as any drop party we're really looking into making this great fun and very rewarding for everyone.


We've already made a deal with some famous RS players/YouTubers to get involved with this, such as:

- Suomi
- Joopii

... more coming


Suomi HIMSELF will be giving away 1B on live stream for you guys!
I am not Joopii, I am iZinC I am simply reposting a 10b giveaway video that I am sponsoring.




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it is probabl fake/scam. seen stuff like this posted on many botting sites ive been to in the past

You're welcome to do your research, and you can find players who've used the site before they can confirm its legit, and that this is legit.




lol people vouch for fake stuff all the time. like rsgp swapping. dicing etc

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