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Woodcutting Botters guide.


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Being someone who only bots woodcutting and mining, I've learned a lot about how to get the most out of your WC bots.


Please understand I'm not some random person listing what I think is best. This is what I've learned over a long course of time of botting woodcutting.


The script I highly recommend is available on the SDN located here



  1 - Levels

  2 - Axes


  4 - Botting smart



1 - Levels

  1.1 - Normal logs level 1 to 20

  1.2 - Oak logs level 20 to 35 (or 40)

  1.3 - Willow logs level 35 to 50

  1.4 - Maple logs level 50 to 65 (or 70)

  1.5 - Yew logs level 65 to forever.

  1.6 - NEVER bot magic logs.


The logic behind this is to not start cutting a tree until 5 levels after it is unlocked, as it will still be too slow. My reasoning for what I said in 1.6 is that magic logs are always too slow to be as profitable as yews, unless you're very very lucky. I don't even bot magics on my accounts with 99 woodcutting.


2 - Axes

  2.1 - Iron axe level 1 to 6

  2.2 - Steel axe level 6 to 21

  2.3 - Mithril axe level 21 to 31

  2.4 - Adamant axe level 31 to 41

  2.5 - Rune axe level 41 to 61

  2.6 - Dragon axe level 61 to forever.


I'm sure everyone already knows this, I'm just throwing it in there.



  3.1 - Seers Village [ camelot ] - This city is what I myself call the home of woodcutting. I can bot an account level 1 to 99 woodcutting and never have to leave, provided that I come with all the supplies needed. 

  3.2 - Ban Rates - Contrary to popular belief, woodcutting bots do not have an unnaturally high ban rate. Out of around 60 accounts, I've only ever had 2 temporary bans, and 1 permanent ban which was a long time ago. However, some locations are better for staying unbanned than others. As convenient as Seers is, I recommend finding your own rarely populated trees and making a custom bank path.


Location has to be one of the biggest things to consider when botting, make sure you take it into account.


4 - Botting smart.

  4.1 - Be informed - I have several threads that can help you bot smart, please click the spoiler for links to check them out




If there's anything you believe I should add, please inform me.




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it is common sense for some but theres always people complaning about getting banned ive never gotten banned and ive only botted my main accounts "3" , great guide not everyone has "common sense" they just start the bot and expect it to do everything for them. all of my starting cash has being from wc and fletching all the logs.

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