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merch guide 1m+ per hour!


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hello guys

rate me please: ) and if you like then like thats topic :)



GETTING MONEY:(scroll down for merchanting part)
Thieving -- 1: get thieving to 20 and steal from silk stalls.. it should only take about 1 hour or less to reach 20 thieving( many thieving guides over the web) once there get an abundance of silk like 1k or more and wait 30mins.. then sell them to the slk stall for 60gp each.. this method is around 30k per hour.. 
Nat Running -- 2: another and better method is to run nature runes... . this involves you going to karamja island and taking people's essence at the nature alter and selling it to the general store in brimhaven then buying it back and giving it back to who ever you received it from.. then they will hand you 22 natures + 25 noted essence and you repeat. ( be aware of tribes men, snakes, spider.. they all poison you and the tribes mens poison hits for 11 every 30 secs or so.. so if doing this method have atleast 20+ hp.. and also carry a ring of dueling on your finger so you can quick teleport to castle wars to bank your stuff incase you get poisoned) ... this method gives about 400+ natures an hour.. and atm of writing this guide, is about 84,000+ an hour. 
Rune crafting -- 3: this will be my last money making method.. but there are many more out there.. once you get around 200k you can buy 8k rune/pure essence which will get you to 44 rcing.. this method will take about 6 hours of straight rune crafting .. start at airs then once you hit level 14 rc go to duel arena and once here.. there are two fast methods of gaining exp.. 1: get a partner and both run to alter then when running back.. once inside the duel arena gate, run to the edge of the duel arena itself and duel with your partner, then cancel the duel once inside.. This will teleport you near the bank, and give you back 100% run energy ( this method takes 1min 22 sec). The other method involves buying duel rings and teleporting to duel arena, walking to alter, then teleporting to castle wars.. then back to duel arena to do it all over again. ( this method takes 32 to 44 sec. you'll need about 75 rings for this.. if my math is correct and any you dont use you can sell back).
MY method of merchanting is going to be short and sweet.. 
1: gain some knowledge of the current prices. snow has already recorded some of these on the website but those numbers are not concrete as I have seen them all go lower then what he has posted.
2: grab a note pad and pencil and start writing down prices that you see that are low and also write down prices that are very high... make sure to add those people who are selling those items to your friends list.. oh you also need to write down what world there on.
3: now buy from the guy who had the low price and sell to the person who had the higher price..
I know, I know very common sense yourmama thats what merchanting is I already knew that.. hehe i know but, how i do this maybe different from how you do it... 
4: how I do it is.. I go from world to world writing down peoples names and there prices.. once I find a low person and a high person I go back to the world where I saw the low price.. buy all his inventory and then go back to the other world and instantly.... instantly.. i like that word lol.. sell them for profit.. I've been doing this a lot with natures as the price is like 170 to 220 each.. today ive constantly bought them for 190e and then immediately went to other world and sold them for 210e.. I noticed a lot of people sit there all day saying.. buying item at this "low price" .. that takes forever. this method is nice, fast and simple.. and plus its easy for me since I'm muted.. hehe :P but it really is faster then the other way .. trust me.
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My merch guide = Buy maples for 100ea in stacks of 1k

                             Sell that stack of 1k maples for 470k to people who want yews


My guide is alot quicker, as long as you dont mention yews on rs you wont get banned as Zybez is a 3rd party site. Easy money usually.


inb4 Zybez IP ban.



Also called "Flipping".


.. Sherlock Holmes in the house! :)


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