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Stealth sucks?

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I played on a relatively fresh account doing fishing legit for a day, today while fishing I get banned. Detected client, how do you guys use stealth and get away or is it just for suicide botting?

To add, I haven't botted on the account it was just me testing the client to see the if it was detected and it seems so.

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I mean... make of it what you will, but it seems like Jagex is cracking down on clients using injection these days. I used a third party client for maybe 2 hours babysitting it on my main and I received a 2 day ban. Needless to say, no more Botting there. I've used the Mirror method that OSBot offers and it's done fairly well so far - running it consistently the past 3 days. It may be worthwhile investing in VIP to unlock some of these beneficial features.

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