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Mining Silver in craft guild-Tele fally smith/craft to tiara then repeat

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I have a f2p ultimate ironman. It is currently level 56 crafting and want 70. I have enough law runes in inventory to mine 24 silver in crafting guild tele to fally to smith then craft into tiaras, then drop them when walking back to the guild. It will require 432 trips. How much would you all charge for this service? Will pay generously the quicker is completed, however in no rush and will make sure the worker is compensated 😉

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A whole trip takes ~6minutes when only making non-few mistakes. (been testing it)

The xp/hp should be something moving around 12k/h


I'd do it for 500k/trip - so 216m total.

Total timeframe ~ 4-5 days



It might actually be cheaper to train crafting in p2p using superglass make, that's what I've done on my UIM.

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