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How many bots can u run at the same time?

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With that chip I'd assume around 15-20+ injection. Depends on your ram and script as well I've found. The longer they run typically the more ram they use. Right off the bat you'll have a lot of spare, but that will get gobbled up in a few hours. 


I have an i7-6700k running on the PC I'm botting on with 32gb ram. Can typically get 6-10 mirror mode and 15-20 injection without serious issues. Pushed to 20 injection once but depending on script it was running too hot for my liking.


I prefer mirror mode, so I haven't messed with injection much. Injection requires a lot less other CPU intensive programs to run compared to properly setting up multiple mirror mode clients, so I would bet you could probably get over the 20 clients. Only real way to know is to try it!

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That CPU is pretty friendly when it comes to overclocking, if you have Good cooling id get it up to 4.8GHz.

Like others have said, when running scripts that contain a lot of caching it will eat more RAM the longer you run.

If you run into bottlenecks it will probably be your ram. And again, overclock that CPU:) 

Good Luck!

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