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how to run bots in docker containers (need help)

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im trying to create a docker container with osbot in it to run my farm ive done hours and hours of research and i get how docker works but i dont know how to create a container with osbot, is there any copy/ paste method i can use? or if anyone has a technique my messages are open or answer here i could really use the help

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the problem is, that you need a graphical interface to run mirror mode since it doesnt support CLI  comands. And theres only 1 docker package that supports linux based GUI, x11docker. I wasnt succesful seting up that pos

If you want to suicide in injection just google it, there are some threads explaining the process at a basic level. 

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the thing is I know there's a way I've seen it on the forums before people have to run it in debug mode but I just don't know how, I don't know what to type and how to get the info from osbot into a container. if someone knew what they were doing it would only take like 10 minutes to do but since I don't really have a clue what I'm doing I cant figure out how

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