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[FREE] Developing custom scripts!

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I have no idea where a post like this belongs, so my apologies if its the wrong place. 

In order to get some great practice for bot development, I decided that I'll do some free script requests!
If you're interested, just plop down your discord bellow and I'll get in touch!

- You might have to provide the account. (depends if my botting account has the requirements to do what you request)
- The script will be public.
- The script's source code will be on GitHub.
- I am not responsible for any bans.
- I have the right to refuse to any script. (this includes if I already started writing the bot)

Thank you! And I hope we'll get in touch soon!


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*** Please note, we are not stopping anyone from creating and selling private scripts, we are just ensuring to our users that they can come to this section and find a trustworthy scripter to have create what they are looking for.

Even if he wanted to do private scripts it's not against the rules.

He just cannot open and maintain a private script shop in the private script section.


Moot point anyways because this doesn't appear to be a private scripting set up, just something to get ideas and write some scripts and gain some reputation 

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