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Need little help to start my farm please

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I started botting recently, and I found out yesterday that even with only 3-4 accounts you can get chainban easily, I lost my firsts bots and hope you guys have some advices for me ? 

I was at 4 bots , same computer, but they got all banned this night... they found macroing use and 3rd party software. So I guess it is a chainban right ? How could I avoid this problem in future ? 

Informations for my 4bots: 4 worlds, been playing on it without bot at first until lvl 30/30/30 combat, 2days before starting botting, 12hours max/day, not member, banned after 2-3 days. Should I play normally with my bots until they can trades ? 

PS: I was playing with my main account on cellphone too and didn't got banned you know why ? Was botting a little bit on him too lol (I know it was not a good idea on main)

I checked on the forum and found this, Technitium for changing my MAC address could it help with my 3rd software party detection ? 

This one was for Proxy, Botting Hub and Proxifer to manage my proxies, are they boths good provider ? 

I really want to learn how to make the most effecient farmgold, so any good tips I will take them. Feel free to PM if you want to collaborate or help me in starting correctly.

Sorry for all the questions but I want to learn it for good ! Thanks again.

I want to pay for VIP/Premium scripts/Sponsors in future for sure when I will be 100% ready to expend my goldfarm !

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