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❤️VOUCHED❤️ -- [Selling] 60 Defence Pures [$20 A/W] [BTC / OSRS GP] [Cheapest in the Market]

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Trusted with 30+ Account Sales (Hundreds of Accounts Sold)

Discord: AdamantPlatebody#2614
Discord Unique ID: 160797315257466882


°Accounts are hand-made, are given time to rest, and have no ban history.
°I am the Original Owner of all accounts.
°No E-mail is registered to the accounts.

Dragon_full_helm_28g29.png60 Defence PureDragon_full_helm_28g29.png
Price: $20 (BTC only)
Also accepting OSRS GP equivalent



Terms of Service

You will go first or a Middle Man will be contacted by you at your expense.

I am not responsible for any bans/mutes/black marks after ownership transfer.

I am not responsible for the account if you re-sell it.

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