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Feel free to wish me happy birthday and tell me your first time in Runescape

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Turning 25 years old today... time flies so fast its just crazy but gaming always have a special place in my heart 💘

I was 9 years old when I first time got introduced to Runescape. With a really little understanding of this game and English made it so slow to have progress on. Doing all kind of dumb stuff and training inefficient way but i guess we all had our first months in this game. Sadly i couldn't find my old account anymore but i remember hitting that 60 combat lvl was amazing but in reality its nothing. Years passed and i didn't play that much Runescape but found my way back to this game about 3-4 years ago. Having a lot more time to play, better understanding of the game, understanding English and finding Runescape wiki made things so much faster. And at this moment my hand leveled main account is around 115-120 combat with Quest cape and 99 Cooking. But as I earlier told my account got hacked and cleaned and now I'm here botting my way back.


How about you guys when was your first time you played Runescape? Did you have as poor success as I did as kid?

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19 hours ago, QuiTTTed said:

Happy bday.

First time Runescape? I played Runescape classic at public library and i was stuck in tutorial island for 1 month because i didnt see the options that were poping up in the corner. It was in year 2002

Ohh the library was a thing here too. booking that pc for 1 hour :D


12 hours ago, Heist said:

Happy birthday man!

I started playing when I was 7. I played for countless hours back then but somehow was only cb level 53, and I had a really low total level probably lol

yeah thats a thing when you are kid. you dont get into one thing since you want to do all kind of silly stuff all the time. or then you are just not doing the best method. but as kid it was more enjoying time to play than getting old and grinding and trying to max out the xp/hour


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