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[S] Red/Black chin alt shop | 63-82+ hunter accounts | Eagle's peak done | Unregistered | MASSIVE SALE

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I have created some new hunter accounts! Feel free to add me on discord to have a look at the current stock and prices. 


Discord UID: 209019965460840448


ALL accounts: 

- The accounts have ATLEAST 63 hunter with Eagle's Peak done and have basic hunter gear to start hunting immediately! 

- The accounts are all UNREGISTERED

- I am the one who created the accounts and am the original owner, email will not be added as the accounts are UNREGISTERED, so there's no e-mail attached to it. 

- All accounts are F2P


Current stock:

- 82 hunt - Has 900k in chins on acc - 17M
- 75 Hunt - has 1M in chins on acc - 14M
- 75 Hunt - has 900K in chins on acc - 14M
- 76 Hunt - has 300K in chins on acc - 15M
- 73 Hunt - 11M
- 72 Hunt - 10M
- 71 Hunt - 9.5M
- 64 Hunt - 7.5M
- 63 Hunt - 7M

All together would be: 105M.

If you buy all accounts at once I will sell them for 93M total!!!


Pictures of quests and stats, and proof of account status (me being logged in, all accounts are the same): 

For moderators who have to accept this thread: I cannot show the account status as the accounts are unregistered (no e-mail attached). I therefore provide a screenshot of being logged in, am able to show me logging into accounts over Teamviewer or so. 




Ofcourse prices are negotiable. I will not be going first, unless you're highly trusted. 


Feel free to message me here or on Discord if you're interested:


Discord UID: 209019965460840448


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