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[100$ DONOR + 50+ FEEDBACK] ✨ Selling Multiple types of accounts✨ [47+ Feedback]


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I have multiple other accounts pm me for info, these would be high quality account and most likely not suitable for botting (pking account for example, quest capes etc)

Contact Info:

Old Customers add (This discord can't get or receive friend requests) :
Discord Username: Pikachu#2419
Discord Unique ID: 706497607035256896

New Customers add :
Discord Username: ABM#8631
Discord Unique ID: 1053278217252900944

Click here to join my Discord Server!
Discord Invite link: https://discord.gg/sfF8DjrAJ4
You can contact me by private messaging the discord user with the name Pikachu with the Yellow Pikachu role, there is only one person with this role and it's me.


Terms of service:
1. Once the account has been sold, there will be no refunds given under any circumstances
2. I am not held responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks after the account is sold to you under any circumstances.
3. I have the right to refuse any order without explanation
4. The accounts have a 3 month warranty period, which means I hold zero responsibility for anything after these periods, This includes but not limited to unlocking the account, recovering the account or assistance in any way, I sell a lot of accounts and I don't have time to babysit each one.
5. I don't give any information attached to the account this includes recovery questions etc.
6. If you resell the account your warranty is voided.
7. I will not get involved in resales, this means I won't confirm that I am the original owner of the account if you resell it.
8. I am the original owner of all accounts I sell.


Example account:


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