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The Ban Hammer


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Hello all,

So i started botting Friday of last week after stumbling across some osbot videos and i must say, it is really brutal out here. So far, out of the 5 accounts i've made, 3 have been banned. The saddest part about all of this is that those were my member accounts 😥 None of them have been botted for more than 4 hours a day which is odd. I also include many breaks within the botting schedule as well as using premium, paid scripts. That along with switching up the routine (e.g. Training different skills)

 I guess i'm just unlucky. Hopefully i can figure out a proper schedule/trend because this is gg right now.

- Alibi

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11 minutes ago, Alibi said:

Thanks guys. I'm still in the trial and error phase so i'll keep going until i find something that works

be carefull with fresh accounts. Ban rates on them are higher. It also depends on what you bot. On combat /fishing I haven't been caught yet 45 / 15 schedule(botting for a couple of months rn)

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