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How to Bank at the bank of my choice?


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Imagine this...



Now here is where we ask the user when starting the script


USER -> STARTS SCRIPT -> SCRIPT THEN ASK -> Where would you like to go with the options 1-10, and names next to them


2. G.E

AND so on.


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I recommend what Ace99 said, learning the swing library will come in handy alot.

You can also use the class in java called JOptionPane. It allows you to show a dialog rather quickly.

The bank names will need to match the order of the banks areas.

private Area[] allBanks = new Area[]{Banks.AL_KHARID, Banks.GRAND_EXCHANGE, Banks.LUMBRIDGE_UPPER, Banks.VARROCK_EAST, Banks.VARROCK_WEST};
private String[] bankNames = new String[]{"Al-Kharid", "Grand Exchange", "Lumbridge Upper", "Varrock East", "Varrock West"};


int chosenOption = JOptionPane.showOptionDialog(getBot().getCanvas(), "Select location", "Location Selector",
        JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION, JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE, null, bankNames, bankNames[0]);

if (chosenOption != -1)
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