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Dispute against Henrique33 (Keep hidden until I can tag the user and get more evidence)

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I am reporting this dispute on behalf of another member. 
This is for @fares al-salim

The dispute is against @henrique33

He scammed a user off site in a discord for what appears to be $160.

What happened is that Vintage asked @fares al-salim to join his discord server and create a ticket in the server to buy OSRS GP. As soon as the ticket was created and completed Vintage banned him from the server while taking his PayPal.





This is the partial conversation between the two users:




I only know that Vintage is Henrique because he tried to trial abuse in my server and when searching his unique discord ID the two OSBot users appear.




As you can see the Unique ID matches (but you likely need the guy who got scammed to do it on their conversation :doge:)


This is the receipt of the transaction.




Block out anything you deem sensitive enough to be blocked out.

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Clearly its a scam especially after making a fake server just to try and hide evidence

The information from the paypal payment matchs his registered email on osbot aswell, also his discord matchs too 

henrique even tried to farm feedback thinking its a smart idea, yet another reason to add to him being scummy here.

User has been banned, sorry for your loss @fares al-salim

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