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3x Macroing major bans on the SAME account?

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So I ran 2 accounts last night, running the same bot. I woke up this morning and only 1 had been banned. I logged onto the website to see if it was a 2 day bot busting ban and at this time I saw 2x of the Macroing major bans. At that moment in time I was a bit wierded out as to why I got 2x Macroing major bans because I've had a lot of bans and its usually just 1x macroing major and that's it...

So anyways it comes to about 15 mins before writing this post, I go to check the other account what didn't get banned but accidentally logged into the banned one with out realising, but then as I checked I saw there was now 3x Macroing major bans, so another had been applied even after I got banned?


Has this happened to anyone else? Because in my experience I've never known it to happen..?



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