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[SELLING] Blast Furnace Ready Accounts | Coal Bag | Ice Gloves | Steel Bar Ready


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Welcome to my BLAST FURNACE account shop!

1. Account stats are attached below. To summarize, all accounts will have: coal bag, ice gloves, 30 smithing, and 30 attack, defense, and strength. They will also have around 15 magic. 

2. The accounts will come with a clean ban history. I guarantee this or I will fully refund you for any account that does not have a clean ban history when I sell it to you. I am not able to attach pictures because it requires me to register an email to the account to see the account page on the website, and these accounts do not have registered emails.

 3. Accounts will often come with membership included, but this depends on when they are purchased. This is no guarantee, but feel free to ask and I will tell you if the particular accounts I have in stock have membership (they often do!). This does not inherently have an effect on the prices of these accounts.

4. I am the original owner of all of the accounts that I sell. These accounts do not have a registered emails, so you can register your own!

**I offer bulk discounts to customers that purchase 5+ accounts at a time!

**I also offer discounts to return customers!

Feel free to contact my discord: Nik#6503 or PM me on here!

CURRENT PRICES: 17M 07 per account, 15M 07 for 5+

2020-03-26 (2).png

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