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I thought i was smart , need help


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so as this is a botting community i can just tell 100% truth different case from reddit, ill try to be short

first id like to say im a csgo player and id say at least 30% of players cheat on that game, even pro players during compettition... and i look at osrs at almost the same way, so my general look about the scenario is like ''u get banned for cheating, but everyone knows its ok if u know how do it''

so i got a 2121 total perma banned acc 2 days ago for macroing major, facts about my situation:

-> this acc had a 2 day minor ban 6 months ago (happened in a situation that i was a a phishing victim and got hacked losing 200m). i never cheated on my main before that situation, getting hacked motivated me to autoclick for exp, which was kinda pathetic cuz i had my acc flagged grinding 80-86 crafting after already being like 1750 total, grinded 99 agility with no  use of 3rd party programs (i got caught after the lms update, i figured it out they detected me cuz i was recording mouse movements in a LMS world while they were banning a lotta lvl 3 bots in that world, so it was a kinda sad ban cuz i was ''botting'' with that glassblowing pipe method, sad asf lol)

i stoped using programas on my main after that, but i do ''cheat'' at all my other alt accs same IP, heres some accs i have:

-> lvl 99 smither 300k/hr f2p (no bans)

-> pure (in memory of the time i tried to have fun pking, i got a 2 day ban before on this acc cuz i was recording unfinished potions method for 300-400k hour in ge .. autoclicked high alch for 85 mage, currently using it to afk cannonballs legit)

-> miner alt (92 mining for ametyst and finished training it like 2 months ago in nmz , got 75 atk/99def/99 str)



so now that u know all my accs ill tell u what happened

after a very sucesfull week in cox with 2 tbow split (550m total), I  was in search of diff money making methods so i realised i could use my alt to tank bandos for my main and thats what i did, i got 2 bandos tassets in 2 days and 200kc in my main and 50 on the alt.  when i was going for the 3rd i had both of those accs banned. that made me so paranoid cuz i stopped using 3rd party programs in my alt 2 months ago, like i said.

the best of this story is that my lvl 99 smither, which i dont need to bot but i do to increase efficientness, wasnt banned ! ( i just record mouse movements when i go to the street or take a shower, i dont let  it stay there overnighting n shit )

my flagged pure, which is used to smith cannonball legit nowadays, wasnt banned as well (and i did botted on it for like 40 minutes one week ago )

my thoughts about the situation is that i was robbed and they justify that u can get banned in all ur accs if they catch one of em, but if so, why didnt i get ban in all accs?

i need some help and some ideas here, cuz my smither stills there with 100m cash stack, im afraid they can ban it anytime

and i know i dont need to bot but id love to grind stats in my new acc with the assistance of an autoclicker u know ? i just wanna understand whats happening !

ty guys :)



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Jagex can't tell you much about the way they detect bots because they don't know themselves, so whatever they say about banning all accounts may or may not happen but it's not up to them anymore

Easiest way to keep that cash stack safe would be selling it or storing into some online runescape casino

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