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I'm not new to botting but I'm new to scripting, I scripted already little scripts like simple woodcutters and mining scripts, now I wanna take it to the next level. 



I want to learn JAVA and to set up my own little bot farm so I can get some small amount of cash from it.



My new project will be to create a new method for my self including a bot that will start from lumbridge and get some cb level to look more legit and start from there on to maybe quest or just farm some gold.


If you guys have some suggestions where I should start looking for information or some advice that would be appericiated, like a link to an advanced opensource script  that I can use as an example or just give me some good luck that I will make it and create my little bot farm.

is there a discord?

I'll keep you guys updated if you guys would want to see that.


thank you guys,






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On 2/28/2020 at 2:51 PM, splatbug said:

You'll need determination if you want to start botting rs

true thats why,  I want to create my own method, I want to use it from the ground up so i'ts starts from lumbridge and it will quest, fight goblins etc.

I'm using the switch statements. is that a good idea to use that for a complex script?

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