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I am trying to get this grand exchange script to work. However I am getting an error on line highlighted green. I am new to scripting and don't know if this is the correct way to upload the script

package core;

public class script extends org.osbot.rs07.script.Script{
    private final String itemName = "Clay";
    private final int itemPrice = 53;
    private final int itemAmount = 500;

    public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException {
        GrandExchange GE = new GrandExchange(this); //new GrandExchange instance with our script
        if (!getGrandExchange().isOpen()) { //Checks if ge is open
            GE.openGE(); //open ge randomly using booth or npc
        } else {
            GE.collectItems(false); //collect items (boolean true -> to bank, false -> inventory)
            GE.createBuyOffer(itemName, itemPrice, itemAmount); //creates a buy offer with specified params
            GE.createSellOffer(itemName, itemPrice, 0); //Sells all of the specified items in inventory at specified price ( 0 = all, int = specified amount)
        return 150;


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You dont need to instantiate a new GE object. The org.osbot.rs07.script.Script class (which this class is extending) already contains an instance to a GE object. You can access it by getGrandExchange()

edit: which, by the looks of it, you are already doing in the if condition

Edited by camaro 09
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