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Looking for Partner for mid scale bot farm (750$/m+ profit)

Honk Venture

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I've been playing runescape for about 14 years, I know the world like the back of my hand I've done more than my share of botting during this time,. It can be very profitable when done correctly. Although I'm a tad older (No longer just a 13 year old with 3 bots going at once) and I've the capital to invest to get a significantly profitable operation off the ground, running 50-100+ bots on vps's would be a herculean effort to manage all by myself. I've done a cursory amount of research and math concerning profits and what not,even using pitiful methods of goldfarming (with reasonable non-suicide horus) this would still be a fair second income for yourself and I. 

What I am looking for is somebody to join me in the planning and execution of this, I will be taking this seriously and I expect you to as well. As my partner in this venture you will get a split (depending on capita/work put in) of the profits. I will expect regular, descriptive logs of bot status. I will expect you to be reliable and communicative of matters considering the farm and to put in your share of the work to keep everything running correctly. Investment capital wise on your end is completely optional. This will be an ongoing venture that will grow in size and efficiency over several months/years until runescape goes out of style, there's a surprising amount of money to be made doing this.

This will require a lot of work and planning in the beginning but once things really get going I estimate this would pay (bare minimum) the same as a minimum wage job for probably half an hour of work to an hour of work a day. If we get this down to science and approach this with enough tenacity we could pay our bills with just this alone (from what I've researched)   


If you are interested in partnering with me, shoot me a pm or add my discord. 

I'd preferably like to know your age, your time zone, your experience with botting/runescape, and what you can specifically bring to the table.




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