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Market research (Zulrah)


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I'm starting to create some Zulrah accounts and was wondering what levels etc would sell best? 

My current aims are 60/60/70 with 80 range and 80 mage and 43 prayer.

However I was also considering doing Lunar Dip and getting 94 magic instead for veng for that extra kick

all accounts will have Magic Arena cape and Avas. What would people like to see? Mabey some RFD glvoes etc? 

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9 minutes ago, Smurf12 said:

It just makes training defence that much quicker?

You're right defence training is quicker through melee, but that's a lot of extra time/hours spent into a skill that wont be used vs. training defence with magic or ranged. Usually as a botter, you're trying to be as efficient as possible, especially if you're selling accounts as usually you only have on bond time (14 days) to prep an account for sale.

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