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Draw Timer on polygon?


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So in my paint, i highlight a polygon, how would I go about putting a timer on that spot for x amount of time, then clearing the polygon? I've looked through the API, and googled. The timer doesn't have to be a timer, it could be a progress bar, or just some indication of an integer's progress. 


logic I'm going for:

//pick up item off table

//draw polygon around item's spawn

//visual representation of how long until item appears

//clear polygon  

I know i could do it off of the polygon, and just have a timer, I'm just curious if I can draw inside the polygon, and how to go about it. Thanks everybody. 

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3 hours ago, FrostBug said:

Did something similar with hunter trap positions:


By getting the positions polygon (position.getPolygon(bot)) and drawing the timer a little bit north of it; changing color based on % remaining

What do you mean by 'inside the polygon' ?

Perfect, exactely what I was in need of. I was hoping you'd be the one to respond to this post, love me some frost scripts.

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