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Dispute against Defil3d


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Disputed Member: Defil3d

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Explanation: Wanting a 60mil refund from Defil3d for a job that is not complete + the cost of my account. He was a worker of Tutislander who scam quit yesterday. Got into an argument with Tutislander before he scam quit and didn't finish on good terms. I am lead to believe that Defil3d took upon my job on the new post when I was looking for a new quester and gave Tutislander my password to ruin my account - because I do not believe Tutislander went through the thousands of combinations of passwords and figured it out himself. And even if he did try because the first 5 letters were the same, how could he have guessed the numbers by himself? Highly, highly,  unlikely situation where he would guess the password himself. Which is why I believed Defil3d took it upon himself to give Tutislander my account details so that he could ruin it. 


Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/DtYd7Qb

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