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Jueix's Aerial Fisher


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Since the release of Molch island I wanted a script for Aerial Fishing. I looked all around the forums and couldn't find one. So I decided to take it upon my self to write my very own Aerial Fishing script mainly due to the ability to get pearls which can then be used to by Full angler and get some other rewarding items. It was a long hard road to get this far and I know of a few bugs in the script which I will post under a known bug section on here. I am releasing this to the public to gain some feedback and to see what they would like added and changed. I also want to see if there are any other bugs people can stumble across on which I will later fix.

How to start?

To start, You must have level 43 fishing and level 35 hunter or above. Have a knife in your inventory and be located anywhere on Molch island. The script if you don't have any food too feed the bird will then proceed to pick up 5 king worms as a base for the first few fishes (Normally the bird takes 1 fish chunks or 1 king worm per 3 - 5 fishes catched). After picking up the king worms it should proceed to get the bird from Arly and then fish and craft the fish into chunks.

What is the XP per hour and amount of pearls per hour average?
The amount of XP an hour I was getting on the test experience was around 8444 fishing XP, 2454 cooking XP and 11694 hunter XP with around 14 - 18 pearls an hour. The amount of XP you should expect by the time the bot is working fully and the way I would like and after the feedback and bug fix's is listed below:


At level 43 Fishing and 35 Hunter, you should expect to earn approximately 17k Fishing, 25k Hunter and 5k Cooking experience per hour from Aerial Fishing. Cooking experience is only granted if you are cutting the catch.

At level 99 Fishing and 99 Hunter, you should expect to earn approximately 60k Fishing, 80k Hunter and 15k Cooking experience per hour from Aerial Fishing. Cooking experience is only granted if you are cutting the catch.

I tested this for an hour with out the bot and averaged out at 15k fishing xp 22k hunter and 3.5k cooking with 24 pearls but was semi AFK.

Never heard of Aerial Fishing what our the rewards?

For every couple of fish you catch you may get 1 pearl. Pearls can be traded in for Items such as

  • Equippable Fishing Rod - 100 Molch pearls
  • Equippable Fly Fishing Rod - 120 Molch pearls
  • Equippable Barbarian Fishing Rod - 150 Molch pearls (can only be purchased if you've got the relevant progress with Otto)
  • Fish sack - 1000 Molch pearls
  • Angler outfit - 100 Molch pearls per piece.

You may also get from fishing a clue bottle which contains any type of clue scroll and the rare golden trench which is a equitable item and can also be traded for 100 Molch pearls

Progress reports

(Done on injection mode)

Injection mode progress done by - Jueix


(Done on mirror mode)
Mirror mode progress by - ThoughtVNC


Mirror mode progress by - quintins


Paint for the background if it doesn't load save as background.png and put it into the data or resources folder (its in both of mine):

Known bugs

  • The bot can't seem to click far away fishing spots - Yes, This is a known bug it can only click certain fishing spots closest to the player, The best bet is to start the client on the side of Molch Island where most of the fishing spots spawn, I have tried multiple fixes and all the ones I do get the player running around stupidly doing nothing so sticking with this code until I can get it fixed.
  • Sometimes it clicks the knife if there's nothing in inventory and gets stuck on the use action after cooking levels - This should be fixed not sure though so keeping in .
  • Sometimes the chatbox background doesn't show up - Don't know why this happens, I found it best to refresh the bot and then start, Normally the background shows up, It then disappears if you stop the script and start it again, but if you refresh the background shows up.

    Report a bug format
    What is the bug:
    How did you encounter the bug if known:
    Is there anything in the log which may help to fix the bug:
    What was the bot attempting to do upon the bug if known:

    Feature request format
    What would you like to see added:
    Why would you like this added:

Thanks for the help from

Zappster - was a big help and kept me motivated and teached me a lot along the way.
Tutorials - All the tutorials out there if you would like to learn to make bots, would give them a read.
Scripting help - To everyone that posted on my scripting help threads for this bot, Thank you. Never be scared to ask for help no matter what the problem is.

Planned Future updates

My plans for future updates are as follows:

All known bugs to be fixed - Obviously.
The ability for the bot to pick up the knife in the hut behind the door - plan on releasing a verison with this later to night or tomorrow or later in the week.

The ability to catch from all the of the fishing spots - plan on doing this as well.

The ability to pick a side of the island to use - Need to learn how to make GUI's first then will implement this right away :)

Ability to bank the clue bottles and golden trench if wanted too - Will also add this at some stage if you all would like to see it added.

Ability to drop the clue bottles and trade the golden trench for 100 molch pearls - Will add this in if you want it added as well.

I also want to see this script on the SDN for free and then the ability to add future scripts to the SDN :) thanks.

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Bug fixes
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Version 0.2 bug fixes

Fixed a bug where the bot would get 2 - 3 kingworms and then try to get a bird noticed it didn't have 5 and go back to getting king worms.
Adjusted the time it takes for the bot to fish at the next spot this should allow for more pearls and XP an hour.
Hopefully fixed the bug when you get a cooking level with the last fish in your inventory it will sit with the knife being used and doing nothing.

Version 0.3 planned updates
Fix most of the bugs known.
Add the ability for the bot to get the knife in the shed if the player doesn't have a knife upon starting.

Bugs reported by -
quintins Thanks.

Edited by Jueix
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14 hours ago, quintins said:

I have been testing this script for 1-2 hour intervals for the past few days on mirror mode and it works pretty damn good for being in beta..

Excited to see more with this script and also other script releases by Jueix :boge:

Thank you, Glad its working well. Will continue to work on this script more this week due to being busy last week. Added your progress reports in.

Edited by Jueix
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