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✨⭐✨⚡[✅BEATING COMPETITORS!][$0.11/M+!] ✨ VEILS Gold Shop ✨ [✅BEST PRICE ON RS3][✅PP++][✅FASTEST SERVICE!]⚡ ✨⭐✨


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Veils💫 Gold
ALWAYS beating competitor prices!
We are currently buying RS3 gold for the best price & fastest service! We are always willing to beat competitor pricing -- contact on Skype or Discord for more info!
Why should you choose us?
  Best Price For Your Gold
 Fastest Service
 Safest Service
 Perfect Customer Support
 American Based Team
$0.115 - $0.13|M
Payment Methods
Terms of Service
 You must go first. Exceptions are made for reputable customers.
 Certain purchases may require a picture of your ID.
 I reserve the right to decline any trade for any reason.
Additional Info
ALWAYS BE WARY OF SCAMMERS & IMPOSTERS! I take no responsibility for the actions of a scammer.
To conduct a trade with me, simply add my Skype or Discord (listed below) & from then on we can discuss the trade!
Contact Information
Discord: Veils#4085
Discord ID: 521890774837624846
To have a quicker trade with me, please copy, fill & and post the order form below:
Order Form
Amount you're selling:
Have you added me on Discord or Skype?:
If the trade goes smoothly, will you vouch?
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