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hey guys i got a question i dont know if its allowed to say it here or ask it here ..:p if not i am sorry delete topic


i am playing a browser game called ''maffiaway'' its all in dutch its like a gangster game where you need to kill eachother and commit some crimes but since some of you guys are awesome with scripts computer stuff etc etc  i was wondering if it is possible to make a bot for it so that i dont have to manually click it anymore to get my rank up :DXD


i tried it with a recoder but sometimes ( randomly ) you need to put in a 3 letter code .. 


so is it possible ?

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48 minutes ago, Rudie said:

You can use the Tampermonkey chrome extension to run your own javascript on websites.

  1. Detect if theres a captcha, if it's there, solve (should be possible)
  2. Click to get your rank up
  3. Repeat


i dont understand all of that stuff i just know how to hit the powerbutton on a laptop ...XD

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