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Multiple Mirror bots?


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Maybe im an idiot? Scratch that, definitely an idiot. But is there a way of opening multiple mirror bots without opening multiple osrs clients? Sounds crazy inefficient and when i do this now, it only allows me to that twice before the osrs client gives me an "unable to create advertising error" and instantly closes the 3rd client? Thanks and sorry if this has been posted before.

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No mate, the whole point is that it mirrors clients. That means it is like you manually clicking on the client, so obviously you need one client per instance of the bot. However, I can help you with your multiple bots issue.

1. Open Task Manager and go to the details tab.

2. End Task for anything called JagexLauncher.exe

3. Move a shortcut for the client onto your taskbar or deskptop (somewhere where you can click it very fast multiple times)

4. Literally spam click on the client launcher (I've been able to open almost 15 bots before using this method)

The key is that they all have to open at almost the same time

Let me know if it works.



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Check out this help guide, disregard that it's from a minecraft forum lol. I use 2048M allocated to java, but I have a pretty powerful machine. You can play around with the value to see what works for you. Either way though, it's going to be hard to run 5+ bots without some lag at least if you are using mirror mode. 2-3 should run though without any major slowdown.


Also, you can change the priority of the Java process in task manager to "High" 

Oh and there is a low-cpu mode option in the Options in the OSbot client itself. I've never used it though so I'm not sure what it does

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