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[Farm] Account farm

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Who am I? I am a 27 year old person who has been botting runescape since.. Well since I can remember. I quit a long time but a few months ago I started playing OSRS legit but obviously I got bored very quickly. Now 2 months later I have started my own private OSRS shop. Selling account / GP on other websites using OSbot.org. At first I did most by hand but noticed I was spending more time on the game itself and the profit wasn't worth it so I decided to make a botting farm for accounts.
I have spent some time to understand the ban system, what triggers this instantly and how to avoid this. I also started planning out ways to level accounts without triggers.

Fully automatic farm that levels tutorial accounts up to requested levels, pre setup by me thus giving me custom made accounts on requests.

- VPS (windows based) 
- SOCKS5 Proxy (used for 5 - 10 accounts before trashed)
- OSbot + Script(s)

At the moment I am finalizing my setup, two test run account are nearly at their goal (2 or 3 more levels) and have not (yet) received a ban. If these two accounts stay alive I will up it with 3 accounts. 

How I level up accounts:
I use one simpel script that allows me to preset what NPC to fight and up to what level(s) before moving onto something else.

I have made over 200+ pre-setups all linked to each other so it will never (rarely) follow the same path as the previous account.

So for example: Level 3 account no stats (1att/1str/1def) and I want this to be a 40att/40str/1def pure. I choose the Level1(1def0100501) pre setup. 
This will level up my account to 10att/5str before taking a break. 
The next step will be level2(1def2202301) so this will train me to 20att/23str/1def and again it will go on a break before level3.
Level3(1def8404001) will finalize my training (40att/40str/1def) and go to sleep forever (logout :)).

Presetup name explained:
Level1 / level2 / level3 tells me what stage they are at. This is just a example, I use a random amounts of level up stages. So sometimes 2 sometimes 8.
The "1def" tells me it will never level up defence (hopefully ;)) and the numbers behind "1def" tells me when it will stop leveling the account + which NPC so first number tells me the NPC and the rest are the stats in this format: ATT/STR/DEF

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24 minutes ago, Pitt said:

Can you PM me some advice for not triggering the banhammer immediately on tut island accounts?


38 minutes ago, mooolah said:

I'd like to hear how you level up the accounts, would be interested in partnering up w/ you. I use to farm gold myself.

I have updated the topic for you guys.

22 minutes ago, Tigger said:

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u make it


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