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Looking to Buy Instagram Account with 1k-10k followers.

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Sup fam, 

I'm looking to buy an Instagram account that has fitness follower base either somewhat, or completely. Does not have to be 100% active follower base but I require to see stats regarding account prior to purchasing. 

For anyone interested in as to why, this is as business motive. 



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On 8/15/2018 at 10:24 PM, rschoutens said:

Wrong forum, If you need an Instagram account ranging from 10k-1M followers with any niche. I'd suggest you to go to the Black Hat World forum

Was just giving it a crack on here as I would make an offer with gp or possibly an account depending on the deal. Blowing real money is last resort. I might PM you in regards to that site though, had a look there the other week for this exact reason but couldn't really find anything of interest. 

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My friend wanted to buy one, for translating fitness trainings.. Maybe not 10k followers, but about 3k will be good for him. Any suggestions? I am sure that on Instagram u can really reach a lot of followers. But in my opinion, buying an account is not such a good idea. For him was enough to buy real followers here and after this his popularity has increased. He found this was much and much cheaper so.. If I remember correctly, he is a really famous sport-blogger for now. Every day he has hundreds of likes and comments. I don’t have a blog at this moment, but maybe someday I will create it. I hope that u made the right decision!

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