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roguehippo's Slayer Cannon SafeSpoter!

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hey guys, its been a while since ive posted a new script and wanted to once again let the community know im still alive and trying to create new scripts but i have a job now so a bit low on time. anyways. i just finished this great script for cannoning slayer tasks because i wanted to train some alts. Im hoping to eventually release this is a cheap script as a first script after i am allowed to upload paid scripts onto the sdn. 

now onto the script...


safe spotting , refilling cannon with cannonballs

repairing cannon , attacking agro'd mobs , paints safespot

praying any protect prayer while refilling cannon

drinking prayer potions, drinking antipoison or antidote++

eats any food or drinks wine, stops when slayer task runs out!

option to paint cannon (to make sure you selected the right cannon)

easy to use gui



combat stat potions (ranging , super attack / str) 

looting drops (possibly off grande exchange price)

attacking mobs only in user created area (currently attacks closest , with a filter)


please let me know what you think of this and if you would be interested in purchasing this script or any suggestions on things I could possibly add.


also, tips / ideas for a script I can make easily to submit in order to get scripter status would be greatly appreciated :) thanks 

hope you have a nice day.


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