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  1. Would I be able to release it for free do you think? thanks
  2. Im aware of the scripter status, I just have to finish something that i want to be put out for free. but it says in the script rules here : https://osbot.org/forum/announcement/62-script-rules-read-before-applying/ "List of premium scripts not allowed on SDN:... -Simple magic scripts, must be AIO or minigame" would an "AIO" splash alching script be considered simple?
  3. Hey there people, Very long time no see. I wanted to get back in the game so I created a script ive been thinking about for a while. here are some details roguehippos Splash Alcher ~Features~ Easy setup (will start splashing on any agro'd mob) Casts Any Debuf Spell (confuse, curse , stun, etc)(1-80) Option to alch after each splash 189k magic xp/hr. ~1.4gp/xp Plan on adding: ReAgroing after a logout Hopping worlds if someone took your splashee (side note) I might be mistaken but I think I remember something along the lines of not being allowed to release magic scripts that only do one thing? Would i be allowed to release this as a paid script? thanks for your time
  4. just bought 7m. very easy and fast. succeeded where all the other major gold sites game me annoying "proxy" errors when attempting to buy. thanks
  5. just came here to post about getting an error on "tabs.getOpen()" . I also cannot interact with inventory objects (where it was working fine before the update). i wonder if the update broke or changed some things?
  6. Hey there community, I am making this post in order to let you know about my new script and in order to try and submit it to the sdn! ?I was trying to think of a useful script to upload for an attempt at a first script upload to the sdn. The price of zammy robes seems quite high (around 2k a piece) so i decided to whip up a script to farm them, it was a bit bigger than I thought but it handles alot. Anyway , on to the script. What It Can Do Kills Zammy monks in chaos altar by goblin village, loots robe pieces for $$$, banks in falador west bank, has option for teleport to fally World Hops for optimal monk murdering, eats any food + sets food automatically, wine drinking support. pray melee + restore at altar LINK TO GUI EXAMPLE LINK TO SCRIPT EXAMPLE It is pretty much working, let me know if anyone is willing to test it out before I send it out to be uploaded.
  7. hey guys, its been a while since ive posted a new script and wanted to once again let the community know im still alive and trying to create new scripts but i have a job now so a bit low on time. anyways. i just finished this great script for cannoning slayer tasks because i wanted to train some alts. Im hoping to eventually release this is a cheap script as a first script after i am allowed to upload paid scripts onto the sdn. now onto the script... WHAT IT CURRENTLY SUPPORTS: safe spotting , refilling cannon with cannonballs repairing cannon , attacking agro'd mobs , paints safespot praying any protect prayer while refilling cannon drinking prayer potions, drinking antipoison or antidote++ eats any food or drinks wine, stops when slayer task runs out! option to paint cannon (to make sure you selected the right cannon) easy to use gui MIGHT ADD IN FUTURE : combat stat potions (ranging , super attack / str) looting drops (possibly off grande exchange price) attacking mobs only in user created area (currently attacks closest , with a filter) please let me know what you think of this and if you would be interested in purchasing this script or any suggestions on things I could possibly add. hope you have a nice day.
  8. i guess ill try to get scripter status again. every time i try it takes like 3 weeks to get a reply and its always some small thing that denies my script like using the right curly brace syntax. very demotivating but i will start trying again.
  9. Problem was just with my internet provider i guess. only some websites would timeout consistently, i guess its fixed now.
  10. Hello, im trying to upload a script and my browser on my laptop times out whenever i go to osbot.org/gitweb but its fine if i open on my phone. anyone got any ideas?
  11. im shamed to admit that i didnt know there was a cooking pot next to this one. should i update the script to work there aswell?
  12. umm its the one across from the cows. and above goblin fishing spots sorry i cant think of where the other one is.
  13. Hello guys long time no see. I wanted to keep myself practiced with scripting so I decided to remake an older script I had. This is a chicken cooker script. It will walk to the lumbridge chicken pen and pick up chickens that bots are probably always killing and cook them at the cooking pot right next door. This is great for mass creating accounts that need cooking but you dont want to invest any money into it. can probably get 30 -40 cooking in a night but i havent made paint / xp /hr stuff yet so i cant be sure. Hope you guys enjoy hopefully i can use this to get a scripter status. lemme know if you have any problems, enjoy! edit: added paint for xp / time tracking and fixed door opening bug from a distance. update: now drops axes and bones it accidentally picks up (should i make it have an option for burying accidentally picked up bones?) (17k xp per hour taken at level 30~) not bad for picking it up off the ground huh! http://www.mediafire.com/file/rltsoa1ak33ylc3/RHChickenCooker.jar
  14. ahhh i understand now, thanks for the clarifications.
  15. when submitting a script, I was told to only use root widgets for static id's, I dont know if i understand this completely. Can anyone elaborate on what this means. here is an example of me using a widget from the script. RS2Widget cookingWidget = getWidgets().get(270,14); if(cookingWidget != null) { String[] availableActions = cookingWidget.getInteractActions(); for(String s: availableActions) { if(s.equals("Make")) { if(cookingWidget.interact("Make")) { probablyMakingPies = true; mySleep(1000); } } } }
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