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No Registered Email

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Hello again!

As you can tell I'm new to this and I have noticed that a ton of accounts for sale have "no registered email". Upon investigation I found that this simply means the account's email address is pretty random upon creation and often times the creator does not have access to this email address at all. (Correct me if im wrong).

So here's where I get confused... when logging into rs website and going to account-update email preferences, you need access to this random email address in order to change it to one of your choice. This may not be important for suicide bots, but what about buying accounts with high stats for something like zulrah? Is it common practice for these more expensive accounts to have a registered email w/ a link to change it? At what point in the low-med-high account chain do registered emails become common practice?

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creation email and registered email are 2 different things. no registered email means that there literally is no email account attached to the account. creation "email" is just what you use to log in, I personally never use a real email for this but instead use something like"B@nan.a" "or "he@rtl.ess"  or some word with an A in it... lol

no registered email means that instead of having to transfer the email over to you, you just set the email yourself once you buy the account. (for recovery purposes)

although its worth noting that "no registered email" does not necessarily mean that you will be able to recover the account yourself if its stolen back, which is what it implies.

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