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Big order - Quests and skilling

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Hi, I need 20 accounts skilled and quested up to what ill write down.

- Demon Slayer

-Rune Mysteries

-Druidic Ritual  

-Hazeel Cult  (This will give 1500exp to reach 11 Thieving, so I need 11-25 thiev)

-Merlin Crystal

-Observatory Quest  (10 Crafting)

-The Dig Site (3 -10 Herblore)  (1- 10 Agility)

          -Museum basement kudos ( 28)  The quiz thing

-Bone Voyage (Pre req quest 100 kudos so you only need to clean the finds in the museum 50 + 25 from quests and 28 from the quiz)


I dont mind getting any combat level , you can use magic , ranged or melee.

You can either quest to get magic exp or melee exp or ranged exp.


Please PM me your prices and post below if you have pmed me with your Skype or Discord. I will Provide fresh lvl 3 accounts with membership and obviusly no botting can be used. I will not provide supplies so write how much you will need in supplies ( they are not a lot though)


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