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scammed by lrugdord for 500m

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wanted to sell 500m through skrill to him but he logged off 






i have a video of me confirming the 250m x2 but he also confirms it in chat so ill upload them if necessary


i know hes active on sythe aswell

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You traded an impostor who was also speaking to Lrug Dord as you as you (The impostor made a Skype account mimicking yours and added an extra "v" at the end to not look obvious if he were to PM the logs). Please double check the Skype username you're speaking to next time, as well as the chat logs. Notice the chat doesn't look the same (timestamps, displaynames), as well as Lrug Dord's display name is different on the Skype account you're talking to. His displayname is "Live:LrugDord" not his username. 




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