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Updating Enfilades Easel

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Enfilades easel is a long used tool by runescape botters to help layout your screen designing layouts


extremely easy to use. but have minor update for it as well.

 do a search on internet for  'Enfilades Easel' this will bring you to the main page for download

or you can check http://salvationsoftware.smfforfree.com/index.php?topic=12.0


when you have the jar file on your desktop, or placed where you think is convenient.




copy the above jpg to your desktop.


open enfilades Easel using winzip or 7-zip open enfilades Easel.

find the above jpg and replace it with this one.


scan the easel.jar file with favoured anti virus trojan of course.


then run easel.


you will have current updated eael with the above photo as layout.


the above photo is not a great rendition, but it is functional and does work


sample output of enfilades easel to 'clipboard'

import java.awt.*;
    //START: Code generated using Enfilade's Easel
    private final Color color1 = new Color(255, 255, 255);
    private final Color color2 = new Color(0, 0, 0);
    private final Color color3 = new Color(51, 51, 51);

    private final BasicStroke stroke1 = new BasicStroke(1);

    private final Font font1 = new Font("Arial", 0, 9);

    public void onRepaint(Graphics g1) {
        Graphics2D g = (Graphics2D)g1;
        g.fillRoundRect(561, 217, 140, 17, 16, 16);
        g.drawRoundRect(561, 217, 140, 17, 16, 16);
        g.drawRect(18, 17, 154, 43);
        g.fillOval(627, 77, 62, 53);
        g.drawOval(627, 77, 62, 53);
        g.drawString("output for testing", 27, 45);
    //END: Code generated using Enfilade's Easel

what you see on screen:



as you can see above, enfilades easel is extremely easy to use and greatly helps in placement of your graphics.


Another program that is also helpful..

do a search on the net for OSRSPath generator

is a simple jar file.


It is located on another web page, as a tool that can be downloaded free to be used

for creating paths for runescape botting.

Do not believe I can mention the name, but it is permitted to say what the name is and how to find it it.


opens up, and looks like a map of runescape,can enlarge it, or keep it showing more space.

click on start location then click on path as you want it to run to where you want to go

it will generate a text file with those coordinates ready for your script without the hastle of reading coordinates from point A to point B.



side note on graphics placement.

Think not to block incoming chat, people seeing you ignore them, can report for botting.


if placing a link to click on to temporarily remove something from screen

Hide your graphics,

place it in a non clickable area, so that if you click it, does not affect the game.

as in the upper right corner by the circle, lower left corner of that area..


Do have fun scripting, and may this aid you in your efforts



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