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F2P Chicken Collector / Cooker

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Hello guys long time no see. I wanted to keep myself practiced with scripting so I decided to remake an older script I had. 

This is a chicken cooker script. It will walk to the lumbridge chicken pen and pick up chickens that bots are probably always killing and cook them at the cooking pot right next door.

This is great for mass creating accounts that need cooking but you dont want to invest any money into it. can probably get 30 -40 cooking in a night but i havent made paint / xp /hr stuff yet so i cant be sure.

Hope you guys enjoy :) hopefully i can use this to get a scripter status. lemme know if you have any problems, enjoy!


added paint for xp / time tracking and fixed door opening bug from a distance.

update: now drops axes and bones it accidentally picks up (should i make it have an option for burying accidentally picked up bones?)


(17k xp per hour taken at level 30~) not bad for picking it up off the ground huh!



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6 hours ago, Seriously said:

East spot is the old chicken spot(near the river) and then there is the "new" huge chicken pen that got added later (north of the sheep shearer house, west of the river)


im shamed to admit that i didnt know there was a cooking pot next to this one. should i update the script to work there aswell?


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