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104 main, almost 70 base stats, few 99s and high slayer


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price check on my main, it has a ornate pool in the house, 2 PETS (not skilling pets) and a variety of high level skills. Willing to sell, just looking for an estimate before i list it up for sale.

SKILLS - skills  https://gyazo.com/38c897afb79bed3df4790a8d987d0f8f

QUESTS - quests https://gyazo.com/91de8708f43e6045a00b5a0812dd030b

ACHIEVEMENT DIARIES - diary1 https://gyazo.com/cbf3d20b0e460d2019cadad162dd3f45 

                                     diary2  https://gyazo.com/09d799927736adc5fcb0cda89a15ed6d

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