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In Need Of Fresh Lunar Diplomacy Account.


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SCROLL DOWN (pictures are of 2x accounts) i want another account to do what the pictures are showing.)

Hi everyone,

-i am looking for a fresh new account with lunar diplomacy completed.

-Agility/Rune Crafting Levels are optional.
-Rune crafting Pouches are also optional.

What i want to use the account for:

  1. I recently made an alternate account and these are the stats, it took me exactly one week to complete lunar Diplomacy,this account is used for following my main for astral rune crafting runs on lunar isle, i want to see if i can use 3 accounts for efficiency running 6x astrals in less then 1 minute and 20 seconds.







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42 minutes ago, Raptorz_xP said:

thank you, if you know anybody who is willing to do this account for me, i am willing to pay USD or ETH.

has to be legit.

Like i said i made the same exact alt myself and it took me about a weeks time im just lazy to do it again for a third time

You should edit your usernames off the pictures. 

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