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Bussines startup help

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44 minutes ago, zekeria said:

hi, i want to start my own project to sell accounts or gp on this website, but i don't know what way to accept the money BTC, paypal or other and which is the best for me to accept through (some ways are not accepted in my country). any info is welcomed and where to start looking :D

Yeah good idea, only deal with non-reversable payments like Cryptocurrency. Also don't limit yourself on that and sign yourself up to plenty of exchanges. Some rather send via Coinbase email or Wex code or whatever. You'll also want to make yourself very easily available so Website, Discord, Skype. You'll want a quick turnaround for the sales and also you'll want to ensure pricing is the absolute best. Only easy way of ensuring that is buying a bulk order on like a Friday night 1bill and shift that over the weekend. Scale as you grow.

Also ensuring you're using a method of obtaining lvl3s and IPs where they cannot track you.

Thirdly getting to know middlemen across the various sites, get to know their time zones and so they can help you seal a deal.

That's my 2 cents, one day I'll do a proper gold shop


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thanks for your help, even tho crypto is not available in my country i'll be accepting vouchers for now and keep what i make on this website so i can repurchase upgrade my scripts and money making until what i make, earn is worth turning into real life money. i'll be accepting rsgp for now and turn it to vouchers with chris.


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