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Main 185QP BGloves [120 CMB] [Untrimmed HP Cape]

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Hi and welcome to my account selling thread. I'm looking to sell this account as it has received a bot busting ban so I can't bot on it anylonger.

120 Combat main with an untrimmed HP cape and nearly maxed stats, it has also barrows gloves and all the goodies.

Starting bids at: 200m
The A/W (Auto-win): 400m
Methods of payment: 07GP/Bitcoins/Skrill Moneybookers
Trading conditions: Will use a middleman if you aren't trusted, I am the original owner AND have the original Email Addres which will be given to you aswell. I will also provide any other info I know.


1. Pictures of the account stats

2. Pictures of the login details

3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any)

4. Pictures of the quests completed


5. Pictures of the account status.



*Pls don't respond on my thread if you aren't interested or if you're here just to troll. I will be reporting such comments and ask a moderator to remove them.

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