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Logging in without acc setup in osbot

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How am I able to login to an account from my script pulling data from another file.

Will store logins/passwords and want to login without having to setup acc in OSbot, just from inside my script.

Didn't know if this could be done/how it was done. Had a look at api and am properly blind but couldn't see anything to do with logging in without having acc details stored on OSbot.


Looked at client login/autologgin but was unsure. Just wanted to have a look at account replacement for some fun.

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Here's a small snippet I use for reading accounts from a file, you should be able to take from it what you need.

private void readAccounts() {
    // The name of the file to open.
    String fileName = "accounts.txt";

    // This will reference one line at a time
    String line = null;

    try {
        // FileReader reads text files in the default encoding.
        FileReader fileReader =
                new FileReader(getDirectoryData() + fileName);

        // Always wrap FileReader in BufferedReader.
        BufferedReader bufferedReader =
                new BufferedReader(fileReader);

        while((line = bufferedReader.readLine()) != null) {
            String[] lineInfo = line.split(":");

        // Always close files.
    catch(FileNotFoundException ex) {
        log("Accounts file not found, stopping script");
    catch(IOException ex) {
        log("Error reading file, stopping script");

Probably not the best way to do this but works none the less.

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