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PC on 70 defence pure

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Hi guys,

I was just wondering what this account is worth. Account is hand trained, but has a registered e-mail adress (of which you can also have the password btw, is only used for this account). Bank leftovers are negligible. Has acces to black gloves, magic secs, dramen staff and ectophial.

Stats: https://imgur.com/7bpenXv

Combat level: https://imgur.com/MnaSJ5R

Ban meter: https://imgur.com/OWu7VWS

RFD: https://imgur.com/ZXqYH6h


I'm aware that I'm not allowed to sell accounts, I'm just wondering what it's worth really. If you're interested in how I trained or what more quests the account has completed, my discord is CJ7#0745



EDIT: account has 1k+ total

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I had considered making it a 75 defence dfs pure. For DEFENSIVE purposes, this account is better build to tank 70cb pures at chins for example. I am yet to die and have been chinning in wildy since 73 hunter. On top of that, I have even been attack by tb'er & barrage duo's which you can easily tank to Hobgoblins/ditch. 

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