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The Most Strange Ban I Have Ever Gotten

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Hey y'all,

Today when I logged into my account that is about a week old and was hopping worlds to cannon at the ogres I was logged out. After trying to log back in it said invalid username and password. Now I know I hadn't shared the info with anyone so I figured something must be up.


I submitted an appeal and I received and email immediately denying my appeal. 


I found it interesting that my account username was not being shown so I texted my friend to look on his friends list and my account name had changed to 


After submitting a more detailed recovery appeal with my payment info a few minutes later I was granted a successful appeal, this time with my username in the email.


Then when I tried to log in my account was disabled but my friend said my username was back to normal in game on his friends list. 

Upon checking the account status I received two bot busting moderates, however one was quashed. 



I have been banned on over 30+ accounts and never have I encountered the process of being banned in this way. Why was one of the bans quashed? Why was my account appeals getting denied and why did my username change?


Thoughts? Anyone had this happen to them before?

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Jagex keeps banning my unbotted accounts and leaves my botted accounts alone. I don't fucking get it. They do some weird shit. I made a new pure, purchased a bond (didn't redeem it yet) and some gear for the GE. Started killing some chickens last night (by hand, not by bot) and woke up this morning and was banned, bot busting major.. wtffffff. Not the first time I've had a newer account get banned falsely either. I've had a few other accounts. I had a f2p skiller that I only hand trained on that got banned, as well as another pure I was gonna make, lol. 

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