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Mad Casper

My life

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Grown up in a haunted house, hearing doors slam. Keep on screaming me: " God damn". 4 A.M being wide awake, Seeing Demons in the corner. Who tried to break. Keeping them future dreams buried in my head. Until the point that I wished I was dead. Seeing the Grim grabbing the corn, shit was this nasty, I had to watch the porn. 

Mid-age I got ripped to the core, had to made me fuck the family whore. Resisted the evil and and returned it back. Oh mate, I made the Devil afraid. 

Had to take the sword and ofcourse roll the horse. Did'nt resist the light and picked it up. This real life made me shit. Upon the point of started selling bit.

You motherfuckers cannot track me down. Because I dropped the WIN. and switched the RIM. 

Avidly playing chess in my room, to as avoid the doom. Usually white, saying might. You don't want to see me black. 

2020, I will change the bulb. For those who lit the flame, will feel the pain. Mr Insane, made me think of a bullet to the brain.

Yeah I'm a beast, came across Jesus, got blessed, And enjoyed the feast. 

Enjoy the time, until the end of the rhyme. It's my time to incline. 

Yeah bro, just watch your GTX to the flo. 

Bitches are going to use the copy paste. For I am making this an art, In every bit and part.

Pac 'n Big would be proud,

Because Lyrically and virtually, I'm fucking you all around.

Congratulations! You switched Casper into Grim.



Mad Casper



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